SaniTru’s pH and Chlorine Test Strips
Test the power of SaniTru disinfectant solution at home with these pH and FREE chlorine test strips.
1 Pack - 30 Strips
Price - $9.99 + $3.99 S&P
Use the test strips to verify that the freshly prepared SaniTru solution has the necessary level of free chlorine (200 ppm or higher) and a pH of between 4-6.

If the pH is above 6, add a little more vinegar to the solution. If the free chlorine is less than 200 ppm, run the electrolysis cycle one more time by pressing and holding the button on the activator base until you hear a double beep and the cycle starts again.
How Does It Work?
Swish strip
in solution for about 2 seconds
Allow strip to process in air
for about 30 seconds
Match strip to
the color key
The Color Key
Use the Diagram below as reference to match strip with the color key you get along with test strips
What Our Customers Say!

"I use SaniTru around my family everyday without having to worry about the chemicals and allergens. It's one less problem"

- Jessica

"It's just great! I love that I can make fresh disinfectant whenever and wherever I want. SaniTru goes with me wherever I go. I don't have to keep buying expensive cleaners or disinfecting wipes"

- Jolene

"It has ingredients that I can pronounce. It's simple yet super powerful. I gave this as a gift to my parents and they're simply amazed how it only costs $0.02 to make a whole bottle of disinfectant. The best part is you can test the strength of the solution with the Ph test strip"

- Martin

"I'm pregnant, so I have to be careful about using certain cleaning products like bleach. With SaniTru, I never have to worry about using it around the kitchen, bathroom (mirrors and tiles) or even the bedroom"

- Christina

"I am a restaurant owner and I've been using the product to disinfect doorknobs and lightswitches daily, as well as tackling old stains/messes. This one cleaner replaces so many things- I can use it for the kitchen, bathroom, walls, carpets, virtually anything. I spray it in the sink and dishwasher to prevent smells from developing"

- P.Walker